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About Prost Counseling

At Prost Counseling, we realize that no two clients are alike. Each is unique in his or her strengths, challenges, personalities and goals and deserves a customized treatment plan. We enjoy working with clients of all ages and orientations. The world we live in brings us daily demands that call upon us to develop effective coping skills. We work very effectively with clients to help address these issues.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Therapy

Our specialty is in OCD treatment, including Exposure Response Prevention and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, having received specialized training in both.  Diane runs a monthly OCD Support Group at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

Counseling For All

With over 10 years working in the education system, including 7 years as a school counselor, I enjoy working with students dealing with the stressors of school and family life.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety affects all of us at different stages and ages and learning how to deal with anxiety is a tool that is beneficial to help you attain true happiness. Whether you are struggling with school anxiety, situational anxiety, or have generalized anxiety disorder, we can work together to manage and control your anxiety.


Depression can come upon us in many ways. It can be the loss of someone we love, changes in our home environment, feelings of unworthiness, or a true chemical unbalance. Through learning techniques that are customized to you, you can learn to combat your depression and learn to look at things in a more positive way.

Stress Reduction & Coping Skills

Who doesn’t have stress in this world today? While some stress is healthy, too much stress can have negative effects on you physiologically and emotionally. We will work on developing coping skills that will help you manage your stress in a manageable way to get your life back in balance again.

OCD Teen Support Group

We meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 15764 Clayton Rd., Ellisville, MO 3011 from 7:00 – 8:00 pm, beginning Oct. 4, 2017. Meetings are confidential and open to teens with OCD, and OCD-related disorders, their family and friends.
Parents of teens will have a support meeting at the same time in a separate room.

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